Skipping Meals Isn't a Good Weight Loss Strategy

Dietitians would all agree that skipping a meal wouldn't be the brightest weight loss strategy. Your first question is why? It is weight reducing you're going for, here, after all. It's easy to think that not eating is the best counter for overeating. Sadly, it isn't so. Rather, moderation is the key to losing weight.

Ineffective Weight Loss Strategy

Many dieters concur that if you refrain from eating greasy foods, you'll be able to quickly reduce weight. Many more seriously believe that if you eat even less, then your weight reduce plans will progress quicker. Driving the motivation over the top, there are those who do fervently believe that not eating at all could be the answer. The word that would best describe this scenario is "tragic." You must realize that reducing weight is an act of discipline and must be carried out in moderation.

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A Realistic Weight Loss Scenario

The problem starts when you start wondering if you're gaining too much weight, and if you're neglecting your health somehow. Hold up in the busy schedule of work, in between spending time with friends and family, it's really hard to find the time to pay attention to your diet. The frustration builds up all the while your fatty tissues clump up under your skin. Before you know it, you've become overweight. Then you start feeling depressed because you still don't have the time to do some exercise and burn those extra fats. Tired and weary, you search for a solution. And what do you find? The magic solution: Skip meals! At least at first it seems like a magic solution. In some perverse way of thinking, it does make sense. You don't have the time to burn extra calories, so probably it wouldn't hurt not to take any calories at all.

You start skipping meals, not knowing all the grave consequences that entails. Be reminded once again that moderation is the key to having an effective weight loss strategy. Skipping meals and going absolute zero with your calories intake isn't a weight loss magic solution. Look at the following consequence of skipping meals and you'll realize the truth of this.

Result: Weight Gain and not Weight Loss

As surprising as it sounds, the major consequence of skipping meals is not reducing weight, but gaining weight. That's the complete opposite of what you're trying to achieve with engaging in a weight reducing program. Still can't believe it? Here's why: When you decide to skip meals, your body reacts to recompense the lack of supplement by slowing your metabolism. Not by weight loss. Slowing metabolism allows your body to conserve energy, supposing that you won't have food for a long time. Your mind, in turn, becomes desperate with hunger. The two of these factors combined, it will be too easy to overeat later, at the next meal. Since your metabolism is already in a slow pace, it won't have the time to adjust back to normal, meaning you will have eaten too much food while your body uses very little energy. In the end, you gain more weight.

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