Weight Loss Is Often More About the Way We Feel Than What We Do

Weight loss is often more about the way we feel than what we do.

Have you ever felt that you have been trying to lose weight but nothing is working?

Over time we have all come to learn that if we eat less calories than we burn that we have a realistic opportunity to lose weight.

While this is logical it does not always seem to work and I thought I'd tell my own story.

I've been involved with nutrition and weight control products for a long time. I've been to trainings on the subject at a national and international levels, have sat at the feet of experts all the way up to Nobel Prize winners, so I understand weight loss.

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The path that I have worked with is protein shake meal replacements and if you are going to buy a weight loss product that is now the number one way to lose weight in the world. Obviously I would be a perfect example of trim and terrific but I found that this is not necessarily the case.

If you want to lose weight on a weight loss program like this you replace two meals a day with the shakes and have one normal meal of whatever suits your tastes and your lifestyle.

On the other hand, if you want to gain weight then you have your three meals and then take your shakes and supplements AFTER I mean IN ADDITION to the meal.

In my case I started using products a long time ago. I was training martial arts, fit, and had no personal need or interest in weight loss for myself. I used the products for better energy, clarity of mind, and wellness.

Over the years life changes, martial arts in my case gave way to work and family demands. We improve our skills in the kitchen and life is more gentle. Both my wife and I are good cooks and I love to eat.

This led to using the nutrition product and also eating 3 meals and, without the exercise, that meant that I'd gently slipped into a weight gain program. One day you check scales and realize you are overweight

Have you ever had that experience?

In my case it is easy to fix as I know what to do and have the tools in hand to work with.

Trouble is that starting in easy but there is another element in that equation that you need for it to work. You have to be serious about it. You have to actually want to lose weight.

I found that there was so much going on in my life that the things I focused my mental energy on were keeping me occupied and weight was a side issue that did not fuss me much. I am over 50 now and each time I have blood tests everything is perfect and the doctor tells me I have the blood profiles of a fit 25 year old (thank you nutrition products). This meant I was not concerned about the weight for my health and was just playing with weight loss.

Have you ever felt that you have been trying to lose weight but nothing is working?

I suggest that this is either because you have not found the right way to lose weight while giving the body all the nutrition it needs to do its job properly or, like me, you are just not paying it proper attention.

I did the weight one of 3 New Year goals last year, played with it all year. The other two things were business related and they took my attention and worked really, really well.

This year I put 3 goals down again and after 90 days realized that I was still not paying attention. It was time to do something about it. I set out what I wanted to do, started using 2 replacement shakes a day and only the one meal, cut out snacks and added a little walking into my day.

The main change is that I focused my attention on actually doing this and found that when I did that it was easy. I snack on fruit and, believe it or not, fresh carrots while I work. I have shakes that taste great, I don't get hungry. Because the focus is there I find I don't miss the snacks at all. It is really, really easy.

The change is not the WAY I am doing things but the ATTENTION I am paying to it.

Weight is coming off now at a little more than a kilo (2.2 pounds a week) and my 'fat shirt', the one that was really too tight to wear to work, is quite loose. I feel great, need less sleep, have heaps of energy, and now cannot quite understand why it took me so long to just pay attention to this and to be serious about it.

My conclusion is that there are two major elements to weight loss:

1/ Find a program you are comfortable with, that supports your body with full nutrition, and that you believe you can stick to.

2/ Pay attention. Make this a focus for the mental energy as a serious part of your life that will make you feel good in yourself and about yourself and focus on how it will be when you achieve your goals.

Knowing what to do is not enough. You have to make that core decision in yourself that you have mucked about for long enough and now you will pay attention.

After that it is easy.

Best wishes you your own path to being who you want to me.


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