Getting Off The Weight Loss Roundabout

Are you looking to get off the weight loss roundabout? Have you lost weight dieting, only to find that you put it back on again in a short time? Then, you go onto the next diet and notice the same pattern. The problem is, that most diets take the short-term view. What is needed to lose weight and keep it off, is to make some changes to your eating habits. These changes need to be changes that you can live with.

The weight loss/gain cycle

The reason for the weight loss/gain cycle is that the majority of diets send your body into starvation mode. This means, that when you stop the diet, your body wants to ensure your survival by eating and putting on weight again. Most diets can only be sustained for a short period of time, during which time you do lose weight. However, when you go off the diet, you return to your old habits and put on the weight again. This approach to weight loss takes the short- term perspective, rather than the long-term view.

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Include some of your favourite foods on a regular basis

The alternative is to take a sensible realistic approach, which you can sustain and still lose weight on. I am talking about a calorie controlled eating plan, which includes some of your favourite foods on a regular basis.

Work out a realistic eating plan

There are many books available on eating a balanced diet and keeping your calories down, while ensuring that your body gets all of its nutritional needs met. There are also lots of online resources, where you can find healthy diet guidelines, tables of glycemic index of foods and calorie counters.

A balanced diet of protein, dairy, whole grains, fruit and vegetables is best for most people, with controlled calorie intake, so as you still lose weight.

Include your favourite snack food and a favourite meal

Is there a favourite snack food or meal that you just can't live without? If you want your diet to be sustainable, it is important to include a favourite snack food and a favourite meal. Let's face it going without your favourite foods, is not something you would want to do long-term. By choosing a favourite snack in a portion controlled amount, to eat as a morning snack 3-4 times per week, you have something to look forward to and you can still lose weight. I also recommend selecting a favourite meal to have once a week, again in a regular portion. This approach does work and the truth is, it is the secret ingredient that will make it possible for you to stick to your diet.

Eat high calorie foods in the first half of the day

Eating high calorie foods in the first half of the day, works with your body's energy expenditure patterns. You are more likely to use the energy from your food, if you've had your favourite snack or main meal in the first part of the day. When you eat heavier foods later in the day, your body doesn't have the chance to use the energy and it gets stored as fat.

Don't overdo it

Most people find trying to exercise and diet is too much to ask. Try just focusing on the diet for now and include incidental exercise such as:-
* walking up the stairs instead of catching the lift
* offering to go and get the office coffees
* going out and getting the letters
* vacuuming or mowing the lawn

Studies have shown that dieting is much more effective than exercise in losing weight. One of the main reasons for this is that when people exercise, they think that they can afford to have an extra snack. The truth is that the amount of calories burnt off by exercise is negligible and you probably won't burn off that extra snack. Instead you could find yourself putting on weight or just staying the same.

Extra weight loss tips

1.Eat mostly low glycemic foods
Foods that have a low glycemic index will keep you feeling full for longer and assist in maintaining stable blood sugar levels. This will help to prevent feeling tired and craving sugar as a pick me up.

2. Drink plenty of water
Drinking water has many benefits. It helps to flush waste and toxins out of your system. It also assists with feeling full and with weight loss.

3. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables
Fruit and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and fibre. They will benefit your health and help to clear waste out of your system.

4. Enjoy your food
This sounds obvious, but many people forget to pay attention to eating, by savouring their food. When you take the time to really appreciate your food, how it looks, smells, feels and tastes, your enjoyment of your food will increase. You will also notice that you feel full and satisfied more easily.

5. Positive self-talk
As well as watching what you eat, watch what you say to yourself. Practice noticing things you like about yourself and replacing negative comments with compliments and positive comments. Treat yourself, in the way you would treat a friend.

6. Reward yourself
As you lose weight, don't forget to congratulate yourself on your progress. Perhaps buy yourself a nice new outfit, or have your hair done. The more you appreciate and support yourself in your weight loss programme, the easier it will be and the better the results.

7.Diet with a friend or partner
This can really help with motivation and staying on track. Dieting with a friend or partner, can he supportive and fun, as you journey together sharing your struggles and successes.

This is just the beginning. Developing a healthy eating program and feeling good while you move toward your ideal weight is the first step. After that, learning to maintain your ideal weight with a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits is the key to a whole new life.

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