How Being Optimistic Can Help With Weight Loss

Do we consider ourselves as optimistic or pessimistic? Do we believe that our state of mind from day-to-day can affect the amount of weight we lose? We all know how hard and challenging losing weight can be, and we have to constantly monitor our eating habits, avoiding fattening and unhealthy foods that we used to enjoy as well as making time for a daily exercise regime. Losing weight usually means lots of lifestyle changes which needs mental and physical preparation in order to achieve our weight loss goals.

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Negativity is one the most common causes for failure when we are trying to shed those unwanted pounds. If we constantly think negatively, we will lack motivation, ambition, determination, and feel bitter and deprived when we realise what steps and sacrifices we will have to make in order to lose weight.

However if we can develop some healthy positive thinking attitudes, we will find that losing weight
will become much easier. We would find preparing healthy meals and snacks enjoyable, we would find that we have more enthusiasm for exercising and be much happier following a healthy lifestyle.

Here are five excellent steps to help develop a positive, optimistic frame of mind to make our weight loss easier:

#1 - Believe in ourselves

We need to affirm our belief that we can create a healthy lifestyle and we deserve to lose weight. We should maintain a positive mental attitude which will make us feel that we can succeed, we deserve success and we deserve to be happy and healthy, and the actions that we take from now on will help us to achieve this.

#2 - Believe in our abilities.

If we have the attitude that we cannot believe we are capable of losing weight or keeping it off, we will struggle and battle our way to our weight loss goal. To combat this we need to constantly affirm that we can and will reach our goals. We also need to believe in our strength to fight cravings for sweets and junk food and make better choices to improve our health and well-being. We may have faced many challenges in our lives which we have overcome, and losing weight and becoming healthier is another challenge that we can win.

#3 - Believe that challenges can be beaten

How many times have we had a stressful, hard day and taken the pessimistic attitude and feel that we cannot cope? The main issue is how we react to problems and challenges. We need to adopt the view that challenges and problems come and go, and can be overcome. We can relate these challenges to our weight loss issues. Perhaps we are having a bad day of cravings for sweets or junk foods, or we cannot face our exercise regime, but we should take things a step at a time and the cravings will pass and we will have a better opinion of ourselves tomorrow if we can overcome these issues today.

#4 - Believe that we can succeed

Remember, we only fail if we give up. If we keep reminding ourselves that we are embarking on a long journey to achieve our weight loss goal, we will know that failure is not an option. We need to keep repeating to ourselves that we will not give way to failure, we will succeed.

#5 - Believe that we are already successful

Most of us have accomplished success in some form or other throughout our lives, perhaps passing examinations or learning to drive, being chosen for our ideal employment position. How many goals have we achieved that have made us feel proud? We can set ourselves goals in our weight loss and fitness regime in just the same way, and be equally proud when we have met these goals. Perhaps we can aim to do a daily 30 minute workout and feel happy when we have done it, or increase our water intake and succeed in this goal. If we take note of each success that we manage to achieve, and affirm that our weight loss goal will be equally easy.

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