Practical Weight Loss Tips - What Is Mindful Weight Loss?

Perhaps you have heard of mindful weight loss and wanted to add it to your own arsenal of practical weight loss tips and strategies. But what is it? Allow me to give you an overview.

Let's start with what mindful weight loss isn't - not a code of beliefs, not some new-age weight loss trend, not connected in any way with any religion or sect or moral code - nothing like that. No potions, no lotions, no worshiping at the feet of the latest weight loss guru promising the unbelievable to the desperate-to-believe.

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Nothing like that. It is merely this: very little in life comes to us without conscious effort to attain it.

Yes, you may have some lovely advantages, when it comes to weight loss, such as being tall, having a naturally willowy frame, or an unnatural aversion to chocolate, chips, ice cream and pizza. All nice to have, but they don't add up to slam-dunk weight loss (and, being without all these charming attributes myself - as you may be - doesn't equal doomed to fat-loss failure).

So, on to what mindful weight loss actually is:Clear Your Mind. You need to let go of all the diet baggage, all the 'other' attempts at getting to your goal weight, all the old habits that got you to being heavier, less healthy and less happy than you want - and deserve -- to be. Let it go. Start fresh, because this time, you aren't going to diet. You are going to adopt a new, better, healthier eating plan, for life.
Tell yourself exactly what you're doing and why. Then believe yourself. In your mind, you know this is the right decision for you now, and you know you are ready to commit the time, energy, and oomph to make a significant change in your health.
In with the positive; out with the negative. Think about this: just what has negative thinking ever done for you? Think you'll just gain it back? No, you won't. You're done with yo-yo dieting! The very moment a negative thought tries to creep into your mind, counter it with this affirmation: I will successfully change my eating habits and my life. I have everything I need to do this, and do it very well. I will succeed!" It helps to post this thought on your mirror, on your desk, on a kitchen cabinet door - anywhere you will see it, several times a day. When you do, read it to yourself out loud. Hearing this positive affirmation is mindful weight loss in action!
Commit yourself to doing what it takes. You will get up a bit earlier to pack your two healthy snacks and healthy lunch. You will get to the gym three times this week. You will do your home fitness routine, as soon as you get home from work. You will cook and freeze healthy meals on the weekend, making it easier to eat healthy dinners next week.
Keep a Food Journal. In it, write down everything you eat as well as how you feel, both good and bad. Mindful eating and living pays attention to the current moment - not what happened in the past or might happen in the future. Mine your Food Journal for ways to feel better and healthier and improve your life, right now.

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