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Many people are dissatisfied and frustrated with their attempts to lose the extra weight they have gained over time. Their overweight condition makes them self-conscious, and embarrassed when around people, and they often start diets only to stop after just a week, or even after a few days. This feeling of helplessness is only compounded by the confusion they feel with the number of weight loss systems on the market today. This makes choosing one system or program difficult at best, since not all are suitable for everyone. Deciding which weight loss plans are even mildly effective appears to be somewhat hit or miss.

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While many people seek to lose their extra weight, they want to do so without restrictive eating plans, excessive exercises, gimmicks, or the stress brought on by many weight loss systems. What they seek is a way to lose the weight without being on a diet, lose it without pain and keep off the weight forever. Barring medical conditions that aggravate weight gain, many people will gain weight because they choose to eat the wrong foods, they eat too many calories, they overeat, and they lead relatively sedentary lives. If you want to lose weight, then this is the wrong pattern to get into. At a minimum, you need to commit to becoming mildly active each day.

Food is very powerful in helping maintain your body weight within normal limits. Food provides energy to our bodies, and it allows us to perform physical activities. However, food will be stored as fat if not burnt as energy. Natural weight loss methods teach that weight loss is achieved when the amount of calories burned in the form of energy exceeds the amount taken into our bodies as food. On the other hand, unnatural weight loss methods are advocated by the use of weight loss pills, fat blockers and appetite suppressants that are usually not effective in the long term, and also have some very serious side effects.

In the natural weight loss systems, the main thought is to follow a balanced yet flexible plan that utilize foods to our best advantage, while drastically reducing and eliminating others that have little nutritional value or have harmful effects on the body. These systems advocate keeping a diary of what you eat and the quantity eaten as a way of making you more aware of your food consumption.

Other fat loss techniques used in such natural systems include:

• Reducing your intake of fat

• Eating more lean meats

• Drinking milk with 1% to 2% fat only

• Eating at least 2 servings of fruit daily

• Opting for fruits and vegetables as snacks

• Eating slowly so that your brain can tell you when you are satisfied

• Eating 2 servings of vegetables at lunch and dinner

• Not eating meals or snacks while watching TV

• Encouraging yourself to eat healthy, to plan your meals and the shopping for them ahead of time

• Eating foods that require chewing, as this will give you a greater feeling of satisfaction

• Eating as much whole grain as possible to assist digestion and to give a greater feeling of satisfaction

Being overweight is a mental problem that can be overcome by being more conscious of the foods you consume, the quantity you are consuming, and the level of your physical activity in relation to the amount of food you are eating. Natural weight loss systems make you more aware of these lifestyles habits, and help in the maintenance of a more normal weight.

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