The Problems With Single Item Weight Loss Plans

Single item weight loss plans are diet plans that have you eating only one kind of food for set amount of time. Example include oatmeal, bacon, potatoes and stranger things like Twinkies and pizza. While most people who go on these 'diets' do lose weight, they have some serious problems that calls into question just how useful they are. What are the problems with single item weight loss plans?

First of all, and most importantly, they are not even remotely nutritionally balanced. Even a diet like pizza will not have everything you need in order to live healthily and the more extreme diets, definitely don't. Almost all of these diets are missing at least one major thing your body needs to survive and most of them are missing a ton of nutrients. Healthy fats are often the first thing to go as many people don't think that there are fats that are good and ones that are bad, but important trace minerals and many vitamins also get skipped. The result? You may lose weight, but you've compromised every part of your body to do it.

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Another problem with single item weight loss plans is that they are completely unsustainable. While you may well stick with it for the set period of time, because all you've done is limit yourself to one kind of food, you haven't actually learned anything, such as what the best diet foods are or what kinds of exercises work for you. You haven't learned to cook good food or where to shop, so by the end of the diet, you're left with a sudden release from the food you've been living on, nothing to bolster you, and most people go right back to their old bad habits, gaining all the weight back again and then some. And many people end up binging half way through the diet, pretty much destroying what little tiny gains one can get from it anyway.

But the worst impact of all is probably the fact that you won't actually lose weight at all. Indeed, the sudden calorie deficient in your diet will in the long run cause you to gain more weight. This is because the body goes into starvation mode, carefully hoarding everything it can get to weather what for it seems to be a lean time. Water retention goes up, calorie retention goes up and while you may lose weight on the surface, you're not actually doing anything long term. At the end of the day, single item weight loss diets are destructive to your entire well being and should never be considered.

At the end of the day, impatience with your weight loss will not win you anything. Don't fall for the allure of single item weight loss plans; instead, build weight loss plans that are sustainable, enjoyable and successful. It will take you longer, but by the end, you will be healthier, fitter, and you won't feel as though you've been deprived. Be patient and steadfast and weight loss will come.

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