The Truth About Water Weight Loss - How to Lose Weight Fast

Water weight loss is not an effective method of losing weight. It actually is a waste of time as water weight fluctuates on a daily basis depending on a number of factors. Why focus on water weight loss when it will never lead to permanent results. You see, water is something that changes based on how much food you ate, whether the food was water soluble or not, if you ate any laxatives, your activity level, how much you sweat, how much salt you eat, and a number of other factors.

In addition, water is something you should be trying to get as much of to stay hydrated and healthy. Losing weight from water is a complete waste of time.

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Unfortunately, many of the extreme weight loss methods out there focus on water weight loss and people fall for the weight they see dropping.

Fat Loss and How to Use Your Focus

You should instead focus on fat loss as the solution to losing weight. Fat loss is more permanent and not as likely to go up and down on a daily basis. If you are successfully following a fat burning diet then you should see consistent fat loss per week that doesn't rise and fall like water.

To lose fat you do need to cut calories but not a drastic amount. Fat loss is more about being consistent with a small cut in calories and also exercising, if possible.

When focusing on water weight loss you can lose around ten to twenty pounds in a week but this number is very unreliable. You could just as easily gain that weight back. And you didn't actually lose any fat! So what is the point?

Instead, focus on burning fat and actually getting your body in shape. Losing water is not going to result in having a set of six pack abs nor is it going to make you get rid of cellulite. It will only get rid of water. End of story.

Fat loss is not as hard as people try to make it out to be. It is more about being motivated to stay on a diet that requires multiple months of commitment. This is why people rush to the quick fix solutions that only result in water weight. They see drops on the scale and think that it's working. However, it is usually all just water weight loss and nothing more.

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